The New Frontiers in Human-Centered Design (HCD) symposium is being organised by the Dept. of Human-Centered Design and TCS-Centre for Design and New Media at Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (IIIT-Delhi) from 13th to 15th December 2019 for bringing together researchers and practitioners working in the domains of human-centered design. The symposium is a contemporary practice focusing on new application areas and technology advancements that can support the areas of research in HCD.

Distinguished Researchers working in domains such as the intersection of human-centered computing and global development, advanced information technologies of ubiquitous computing (or ubicomp) impact our everyday lives, Feedback/intelligibility and control in ubiquitous computing and many more will be sharing a collective approach to see where all HCD can be applied and where are we presently with it, giving a practical lens of learning new techniques, usability, applications, etc.

We are particularly focussed on inviting practitioners who might be interested in connecting with research in their area at the symposium. You will learn and practice techniques, apply them to your projects or future perspectives, and also hear from the experts in the field from industry and academia.

Keynote Speakers

Organizing Team

Jasmeet Kaur
PhD Student, Mélange Lab, HCD, IIIT-Delhi
Manideepa Mukherjee
PhD Student, Weave Lab, HCD, IIIT-Delhi
Manshul Belani
PhD Student, Weave Lab, HCD, IIIT-Delhi
Jyoti Singh
Junior Manager (HCD)
Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi

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